A Trip To Jamaica

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Three months ago we headed to Jamaica, these are late pictures due to the situation we faced after we came back; as mentioned in my last post.

I love this dress from Fashion to Figure, it is such a colorful and fun dress to wear; great for tropical destinations. Although FTF no longer carries this exact dress, you can find similar one here. The beautiful necklace to match the dress I got from Mirina Collections  ; as for the hand clutch  finish the look with the perfect similar clutch here.

I hope you enjoyed the post, thank you for stopping by.

Life Is Precious


Hi my dear friends, it’s been w while since I’ve wrote a post. I was not avoiding my passion for fashion blogging but was faced with a terrible situation.

For those who have read my last posts were aware that my hubby and I were leaving on vacation to Jamaica from 5/1-5/6; let me tell you that we had a fabulous time and will write more about our vacation on my next posts to come.

When we came back from Vacation, we ofcourse went about our daily work schedules and back to our normal life. My husband does construction, On Friday May 13 my husband was working and he got caught in a bad fire accident. He had deep second degree to third degree burns on both of his hands and was in ICU burn center for 24 days; he underwent two surguries and he is a true fighter. Two weeks ago he left the hospital and has been recovering well at home. I know that God was with him through this whole process and is providing him with strength everyday and healing him.

I’ve learned that life is very precious, and sometimes we take advantage of all the blessings surrounding us. Life is filled with beautiful people and things, and we should always stay positive and happy regardless of the stress we face in our daily life. Always remember to be kind and loving with family and friends, because you never know if tomorrow they will be there for you to tell them how much you love them.

I wanted to share why I haven’t been posting, and just want to let you know I will continue blogging about fashion. I hope to share more fashion posts with you.

The picture included in this post was when my hubby and I were in Jamaica.

Heve a great day loves, God Bless

Lace Sandals

Happy Hump Day! Hope you all are having a great week.

My week has been pretty crazy, super busy with many changes and things happening in my life. I will share the good news with you soon if things go as planned. Keeping my fingers crossed! 😉

If you haven’t heard yet, I have mentioned in my past posts that my Hubby and I are leaving to Jamaica on May 1st. We are super excited and are looking forward to sharing many pictures with you. Although I haven’t had time to shop lately, I do want to mention my top picks for Lace Sandals. I am a huge fan of of wearing lace sandals, they are just perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Lace Sanals can go with any summery outfit (shorts, dresses, Capri pants), and are super stylish. My favorite pair from the ones I picked below are the Gretchen Embroidered Canvas Leather Sandals. I am totally in love with these, I love the different colors on the sandal and they are very unique in their design. I regret not getting these for our upcoming vacation, it is a bit too late to order them now. Lol! 

Which ones would you choose? 

I would love to hear your feedback and opinions on Lace Sandals. I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for stopping by. 

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